She said, He said

She said, I need to feel you inside of me “But baby, I’m tired”, he said, “Besides, we just had sex twice” She replied, “I know daddy, but I need you to fix the parts of me only your dick can touch”, Not knowing what to say, he just continued to look at her face Seeing a deep sadness in her eyes, When she said, “come stroke my soul and mend my tattered heart... read more

Agony of Desire (Making of a Crazy Bih)

He squeezes my nipple between his fingers and in an instant I’m reminded of how much my body misses his touch. It seems so long ago yet so close and… I don’t know whether I’m cumming or going as he touches me I burst through a flood of emotions. I go from joy. Sheer joy from the feel of his long awaited touch, it sends chills through my body as he tries to memorize every slope and... read more